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Who We Are

We are the advocates, partners and collaborators who are relentless in our efforts to make a difference in common man’s life.

Why We Do it

To eliminate daily challenges a common man faces and uplifts quality of life for individuals and the community as a whole.

What We Do

To eradicate poverty from society by providing sustainable means for individuals or families to live with dignity and respect.

Core Vision of Tooba Foundation

Halal Earning

Education for All

Healthy Society

Our Mode of Operation

Islamic Interest-Free Micro Finance

Lending Short Term Loans

The Foundation aims to eradicate poverty by creating a bond of solidarity between the well-off and the marginalized. Our drive is to encourage self-sustenance and  entrepreneurship and help them escape from the clutches of the poverty.

Community Development Initiatives

Improving the Quality of Life

We beileve in uplifting the social structure of the community we move in.  Our Zakaat & General Donation Fund is established to cater vaious segments of society like Health, Education, Social Uplift etc…

Our Impact Since 2012

Loan Disbursements
Loan Disbursed
Families Uplifted
With Interest Free Loan
Rate of Return
Help with Zakat
Cases Served
In Various Segments

Our Success Stories

  • Success Story A-Rehman
  • Success Story Faiz

Why Choose Tooba Foundation?

Upliftment Loans
We provide interest free loans to the down trowden segment of the society to inculcate self-sustenance.

Promote Education
Support and facilitate education in three areas: vocational training, character building and emerging technologies.

Healthcare Facilities
Support provision of health care and awareness, benificial healing and wellness for the community through daily clinics & frequent camps.

“…Doing more, everyday.”

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