Community Development Work

Based on our core Vision, we create resource pool through various means to help community with halal earnings, education and healthcare.

Our main source for community development works comes from Zakaat fund and some General Donation amount collected by Tooba Foundation. The foundation manages monthly recurring funds disbursements as well as one time financial assistance to help community people in times of need.

Recurring Monthly Ration Support

Tooba Foundation believe in developing and helping the community. In Orangi Town, the foundation analysed the need for monthly support system for some families with no or minor bread earner. The foundation look after these families by providing provision for Monthly household ration to cover up their basic needs. This ensures that there is a sense of looking after each other in the community during trying times.
These families are encouraged to develop some skills to attain financial freedom in the long run.

Need Based One-time fund support

Apart from recurring Ration scheme for the families in need, Tooba Foundation created a provision to help community under various heads. These includes:

- Paying any Educational dues required by deserving students in the community.
- Provide Marriage expense funds to help poor families in making arrangements for marrying their Sons and Daughters without much difficulty.
- Paying off Medical bills to take off excessive burden of managing medical expenses with day to day livelihood.
- Any Domestic critical repairs for poor families to minimize the probability of an incident by helping them repair their homes and roofs etc...

Skill based Learning Programs

In order to empower community, it is important to equip them with basic life skills as well as technical skills. Tooba Foundation has allocated dedicated space for workshops, courses and interactive labs under its community center in Orangi Town. Some of the workshops that are happening and planned falls into the following categories

  • Basic life saving skills
  • Development of products based on natural ingredients
  • Language skills
  • Parenting and Relationship management workshops
  • Activity based workshops for teens and kids
  • and more…

Let's join our hands together to eradicate poverty from the society

Address: Plot # 201 Tauheed Colony, Sector-11, Block-L, Orangi Town. Karachi. Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-36426044, +92-333-2297228


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