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Develop a society where one shares his / her resources with the other and no one begs, cheats, steals, hates other human soul.

In other words, the society becomes a true representation of Islamic Ideology and is based on the principles of social justice, brother hood, compassion, and equity.

Our Mission

The Tooba Foundation® was established in 2011 with the objective of providing interest free loans to the poor so as to enhance their standard of living. Drawing on the principles of social justice and brotherhood, The Foundation strives to alleviate poverty by creating a system based on mutual support in society. To this end, Tooba Foundation has adopted interest free loans as its operational strategy with the loans being offered in accordance with the doctrines of Qarz-e-Hassana that is No Interest on its Loans.

Tooba Foundation besides helping in attaining halal source of income works aggressively on two other key components of its vision: Education for All and Medical facilities for the community. General education facilitation and skill based programs are our key focus areas. We also aim to run free and subsidized medical help along with healthcare awareness campaigns.

Our Core Objectives

The following are the objectives of The Tooba Foundation®

  • To provide interest free loan services to poor families enabling them to become self reliant and alleviate from poverty.
  • To provide social guidance, general & skill based educations, capacity building and entrepreneurial training.
  • To for a healthy community with impeccable healthcare facilities, awareness on the value of being a healthy asset for the society. 

Our Guiding Principles

This organization provides the economically poor with interest free loans so that they may acquire a self-sustaining livelihood. It also provides the skills and support they need to actualize their full potential and abilities.

  • Reliance on philanthropy
  • Linkages with Mosque and Church
  • Credit Plus approach