Capt. Muhammad Hamid Raza


After receiving formal education, he joined Mercantile Marine Academy Chittagong (East Pakistan) in December 1969. He migrated to Karachi in June 1971, joined his first ship in October 1971 as Deck Cadet. He obtained his Captain’s License in 1982. In 1994, he was selected to join Kuwait Oil Company as Marine Pilot. In Kuwait, he got an extra ordinary experience of berthing the largest ship of the world at that time  (M.T. JAHRE VIKING), there he served for six years before moving to Abu Dhabi to continue his Pilot-age experience.

In 2011, he became inspired by Akhuwat- an N.G.O providing interest free loans to under privileged people of society thus uplifting their status. He met Dr. Amjad Saquib who invited him to Lahore to brief him on the process of Akhuwat.

Following Akhuwat, he established Tooba Foundation in November 2011 with Govt of Sind under Societies Act 1860 as an N.G.O/ N.P.O, and Orangi Town, Karachi was selected as the area of operation. The Foundation became fully functional from January 2012, giving interest free small loans to needy people. 

With the passage of time, the scope of loan categories and the base broadened. With Zakat collection several social uplifting and self sustenance projects were initiated like providing sewing machines to widows and orphan girls, blankets/quilts in winter, school bag with books and stationary for children, push carts for work and also monthly ration support to down trodden families as well as supporting people in need for medical, education and emergency situations.

His inspiration became his vision in the form of Tooba Foundation to uplift fellow human beings, provide them with necessary resources for self sustenance so that others can follow their lead. a

Khwaja Muhammad Salman


He is a seasoned Application Security professional who helps organization secure their Assets, Applications, and People. His career path has varied roles, which ranges from Technical Writer to Quality Assurance Professional, Web Developer, Business Analyst, Application Security / Information Security Consultant.
He has a keen interest in Agile Methodology, mobile technology, technological advancements in payment systems and providing relevant consultation.
He joined Tooba Foundation as Vice President and has been looking after functions including

  • Financial Accounts
  • Assistance in Loan Disbursements
  • Website management
  • Social Media Management

Muhammad Shahid Siddiqui


He is a Hafiz and became an A’alim  in 1984 with an M.A in Islamic Studies from Karachi University in 1985. Since 1984, he is an Imam and Khateeb at Makkah Masjid in Orangi Town. He founded 3 masjids and madrasas, namely Darul Uloom Qasmia running under his supervision. He has also taught Primary and Secondary classes in the same area. Since last 35 years he is continuously involved in teaching, training and social work. He is the founding member and a key player in the establishment of Tooba Foundation. He has Loan providing services experience from Akhuwat. At present, he continues in his supervisory role to train and oversee the activities of different team members of the Foundation.

Shaikh Waseem Ahmed


Shah Nabil