Vision at Work

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Our Dominant Vision 'اولین مقاصد'

Together we can change the community with our interest free micro-finance setup & Social Development of our Human Capital.

Halal Earning - حصول رزق حلال

Our foremost vision to eradicate poverty from the society. This includes but not limited to providing assistance in the following:
–   Interest-free small loans
–   Start a new business
–   Following Shariah Principles in business conduct
–   Extend already existing business
–   Equip unemployed with business skills
–   Awareness to factors that add barakah in earnings
Welfare Activities: Providing Pushcarts, Sewing machines etc…

Education - تعلیم

The foundation aims to provide and facilitate community members with basic and skilled educations. This includes:
–   Education for Kids & Adults
–   Scholarships for basic Child Education
–   Following Shariah Principles in business conduct
–   Inculcate Importance of being an educated individual
–   Personality & Character development
–   Increase the number of skilled individuals in the society like Teaching, carpentry, auto mechanic, Computer literacy, etc…

Healthcare - صحت

To enforce and create awareness about:
–   Allah adores strong Muslims
–   General Hygiene & basic healthcare
–   Prophetic way of medicine
–   Healing through Natural food
–   Dealing with emergency situations
–   Importance of Meditation, exercise, breathing etc…

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