The Tooba Foundation ®

The Tooba Foundation is a non profit, non political welfare organization. We are operating this Organization in the sole interest of diminishing poverty and the problems associated with it. We have an aim of making a prosperous society where by people help each other out and become self reliant.

Brief Overview of Foundation

The Tooba Foundation® is a charitable institution engaged in providing

  • Interest-free small loans and
  • Grants and Assistance to the poor
  • General & Skill based education
  • Healthcare facilities for the community

Tooba draws inspiration from ‘Muwakhaat-e-Madina’ that is, the brotherhood established by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) at the inception of the first Islamic state. The Tooba Foundation has adopted the working model of the charity ‘Akhuwat’, led by Dr. Amjad Saqib that is working very successfully in Pakistan and abroad.

Foundation’s affairs are run by its office bearers and Managing Committee, who are elected every 2 years by the general body of members, which also keeps the oversight on the functioning of the institution. They are all strictly committed not to avail any kind of personal benefit from the activities of the foundation.

Tooba Foundation - Our Ideology

Tooba Foundation is based on the following ideology.

  • The organization’s  ultimate purpose is to seek Allah’s pleasure.
  • We provide the Qarz-e-hassana to needy people.
  • Any person whose income is less than or equal to eight thousand (8,000 PKR) can apply for Qarz-e-hassana.
  • The elimination of poverty is not a business to us, but is treated as  societal and religious obligation.
  • We believe in brotherhood and society.
  • Our key donors are Philanthropists who wants to eradicate poverty from the Society.
  • Loans are provided on humanitarian grounds free from any ethnic, political, religious or sectarian bias.

Tooba Foundation is influenced and replicated model of Akhuwat.(

Qarz e Hasana – Interest Free Loan

Tooba Foundation’s key vision is to empower the feeble in the society by:

  • Equiping them with entrepreneurial skills to create and manage a small scale business
  • Providing them with Interest Free Loan to establish and sustain their business needs.

Our system creates ease for the borrower to pay back on feasible schedule and in case of decease, the loan gets right off if the family is unable to pay.

Tooba Foundation aims to build strategic partnerships and a network of consistent supporter to broaden the loan volume in order to reach masses.

You can add your contribution by donating us.

Utilization of Zakaat Donation

In addition to our main cause, we accept Zakaat and general Sadaqaat. We have a mechanism to locate those in need of immediate relief and Zakaat.

This is a community based service to help people with monthly ration, educational dues, marriage expenses etc.

Our separate Bank Account is created to keep this fund separate from Interest-free loan funds.

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